Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Let’s get after it!

Wednesday is here and we have some work to do.

We have our Special Olympics class on in Stratford at 630pm at our Stratford location and we have comp class at 630pm at our North River Rd. location.

Classes on as usual at both spots. Get in and check out something new if you want to change up your training and have some fun with it. Changing up your routine a bit is just as good as rest day if you need it. Don’t stop, but just shift gears if you are feeling drained. It may help by just taking some time and doing something different.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630(comp)


E2MOM x 10 minutes (5 Rounds)

5-10 Strict HSPU/Box HSPU + 5 Deadlifts

Working on some strict strength here to improve your efficiency and foundational strength in the press.

We also want to develop that core/lower back strength with the deadlifts. Build in weight as you wish.


2mins on/2mins off x 5 Rounds (20 minutes)

200m/150/100m Run

15 American KBS

ME Pushups

You want to push that run in 40 seconds to a minute and then move through the KBS by the 90 second mark so you have a solid 30+ seconds to crank out pushups. Scale the run as necessary, but push the pace on that run.

Stars 4 Life - 10am


Deadlift x 5reps x 4sets

Wall Walks x 2reps x 4sets


2mins on - 2mins off x 4 rounds

150/100m Run

10 Pushups

ME MB Slams (Heavy)

Comp Class - 630pm

Class WOD + Olympic LIfting + WOD of choice

- Team 782

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hello all.

Tuesday is here and let us get after it.

If you are having trouble in the morning getting moving listen to the song ‘Keep You Head Up’ by Ben Howard. Classic song that I always come back to when I need some motivation or just a wake up call on life. If anyone has any other songs that lift them up send them off to me.

I also had a great conversation with one of our athletes the other day after class and he has been getting in to the gym more frequently and consistently now and back to loving the training again. And the key to that for him was to notch the intensity down a bit and just come in to move. Don’t put pressure on yourself to perform at a certain level, but just go at what your body will allow you to do to keep moving. If you are struggling with motivation on certain days to train use that to get yourself moving and the rest will follow.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630

Strength & Conditioning

‘Cardio City Chipper - C3

1K/900m Row or 2.5/2K Bike or 800/700m Ski

50 Box Jump Overs

100 Air Squats

50 DB Snatches

1 mile Run

Start the 1 mile run by at least the 18 minute mark. You can complete the rest of the work later if you have not finished it. If you are worried about the volume here scale the numbers for what works for you.


4 sets

25 Situps

60sec Plank

Do this work either before you go or when you finish.

782 Adaptive - 11am

Strength & Conditioning

1K Row

30 DB Clean & Jerks (15 per arm)

50m Sled Pull (length of building and back

30 WBS

10 Shuttle Wheels (25m each wheel, length of building)


DB Shoulder to Overhead Practice

- Team 782

Monday, July 15, 2019

Hello all!

I just wanted to say congratulations again to Greg and Allison who were married on Saturday evening by our very own Shannon Hodder. These two individuals are very important members of our gym in their own right, Greg as an exceptional coach and athlete and Allison and WODtography camera woman and baker extraordinaire. The community of 782 really comes out at events like this as we are so much more than just a gym. We are a family, a group of like minded people who use fitness as a social tool to surround ourselves with people who will support us through thick and thin and make us better every single day. It is after events like this that I reminded that what we do is so much more than just working out. Hope you loved your weekend Greg and Allison and see you in the gym this week!

We apologize about the shirt order delay as we are very picky with our design and are waiting on new designs to be shown to us. We want to do it right and that takes time. We are hoping we like the next one that comes out and we will have it out this week.

Let us get started with another week here!

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


10min E2MOM

1 Clean + 2 Front Squats and 3-5 Strict Pullups


1 Power Clean + 3 Front Squats and 3-5 Strict Pullups

We will work through some front squats here from the floor and add in a bit of fundamental strength here with your pullups.


3min AMRAP/3min off x 3 Rounds

7 Ring MU’s or 14 Pullups/C2B/Ring Rows

14 Front Squats (135/95) (95/65) (75/55)

21 Burpees

The number on the MU’s or pullups should be a number you can do unbroken for the first round. Choose a number that works for you and do not be afraid to scale. The goal is to get through a set of pulling work and then squats and then grind through the burpees to see if you can get back to the pullup work. Good luck.

PrimeTimers - 10am


Lunges x 6reps x 4sets

Holding on to dumbbells or kettlebells (like bags of groceries) we want you to work on your balance shifting your weight from one side to the other.

MB Situps x 10reps x 4sets

We want to add a little challenge here for your situps if you choose to do so!


12min AMRAP

200m Row

10 MB Slams

10 Ring Rows

- Team 782

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Good evening!

Let’s bring it into the gym and then out to Victoria for Greg and Allison’s wedding dance anytime after 830pm on Saturday night.

Enjoy yourself this evening whether you are inside staying out of the raining or you are around town!

CrossFit - 8/9/10/11

Strength & Conditioning

2mins on - 2mins off x 5 Rounds

12/9cal Row/Bike/Ski or 12 Plate G2OH

12 OHS/Front Squats (95/65lbs) (75/55) (55/35)

ME Burpees over the Bar

After a solid warmup we will get a bar out and get you squatting and then right into your workout!


5 sets

10-15 T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks

20-30 Russian MB Twists

Some core work here to finish off your day.

- Team 782

Friday, July 12, 2019

Good day and good evening.

Let’s get in the gym and get after it this Friday.

Love having the garage door open and seeing everyone work out outside. Couple of days of rain on the horizon so let us remember this is good for the farmers and then enjoy that sun when it comes back out again.

If you have not yet check out one of our classes at 782 Athletics. You can drop in at anytime no matter the experience you have in fitness. High quality coaching with an emphasis on training for sport and life.

This Saturday come on out to Greg and Allison’s wedding dance at the Great Victorian in Victoria, PEI. Anytime after 830pm. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530


E2MOM x 5 Rounds - 10 minutes

3 Split or Push Jerks

Handstand Walking Practice/Wall Walks/Handstand Holds

Work on your pressing overhead and then get in some movement upside down.


3 Rounds with a partner; split as needed

200 DU’s/400 SU’s/3minutes of DU practice (practice can be done at the same time)

30 HSPU/Box HSPU/Pushups

40 DB Hang Clean & Jerk (5 reps per arm at a time)

18min Time Cap

- Team 782

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Hello all.

Hope you are all gearing up for the weekend. And you are ready to get in and get at it these next two days at the gym.

Was out for a drive the other day and I found myself losing patience with other drivers as I usually do, as I deemed their actions to be unnecessary or foolish. And I thought to myself, why am I judging them, who am I to judge them and to what degree is this judging (these thoughts I am having), helping me in the long run. They are not hurting me or anyone else around them and I do not know what is going on in their life that could be causing them to do what they are doing. This brought me to think about the bigger picture as we should be aware of our thoughts in judging others and their actions (as long as they are not hurting others) and always try to have empathy for others as we do not know their full story day in and day out. Be compassionate to those around you, practice patience, and empathy, and get to know someone before judging who they are as a person.

Now get in here and get training with those people around you who are going to make you better day in and day out!

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


Snatch Practice - 10 minutes to practice the following complex

High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch


3 Power Snatches

Start by taking the first couple of sets to work from the high hang and then the hang. If you are new to snatching work towards power or best depth, but if you are comfortable with this movement I want to see a full snatch.


15 mins to complete the following:


DB OH Stationary Lunge (12/10/8 per leg)

Lateral Jumps over the DB (Over and back = 1)

Use remaining time of 14 minutes to hit a heavy snatch.

PrimeTimers - 10am


Barbell Deadlift x 3reps x 4sets

Ring Row x 6reps x 4sets

Some solid pulling work here with some weight and your bodyweight to get stronger.


14min AMRAP

100m Run/Walk/Jog

10 Ring Rows

200m Row

10 KB Deadlifts

782 Adaptive - 11am

30min AMRAP

30cal Row

20 WBS

10 DB C & J (5 per arm)

Move solid here through your work.

- Team 782

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hello all.

Beauty weather out there for a bit of running and foolishness outside.

We have a couple of big announcements. Watering Hole Wednesday starts this Wednesday night at 630pm at the Beer Garden. Come on out around 830pm for some beverages and some socializing with a fantastic crew of people.

As well this Saturday is Greg and Allison’s wedding and we are all invited to the wedding dance in Victoria anytime after 8pm. We already had one big wedding at the gym this summer and come on out for another fun event to celebrate these two wonderful people.

At CrossFit 782 we are all about training and putting in the work, but a big part of who we are rests in the culture, people, and events we have at the gym. Take the time to get the know the people around you who you work out with day in and day out and you will be lucky enough to meet some amazing people.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530


EMOM 10 (5 Rounds)

0: 3-6 Strict Pullups

1: 1 Turkish Get Up per arm


18min AMRAP
Buy In: 1K or 800m Run

In the Remaining Time:

5 Bar MU’s/10 C2B or Pullups or Ring Rows

15 Box Jump Overs

25 WBS

Stars For Life - 10am


Barbell Clean x 3reps x 5sets

Strict Pullups x 3reps x 5sets


2min AMRAP - rest 2 mins x 4 rounds

5 Ring Rows

10 DB Snatch

ME Burpee Step Ups

Comp Class - 630pm

A: Class WOD

B: Olympic LIfting

5min EMOM

HH Power Clean + HH Clean

5min EMOM

Hang Power Clean + Hang Clean

5min EMOM

Power Clean + Clean

C: Comp WOD

- Team 782

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Good day and good evening.

Loving this summer weather and all the good vibes it brings.

I know it is hard, but on some days you will have to create your own good vibes.

Try it. When things aren’t going your way instead of giving in, work for it. You will be surprised how much better you will feel the next day.

Have lots of time to think driving back and forth to the country and in the gym relaxing and working out. Lots of thoughts on growth and progress and wanted to share with you my attitude towards it. Sometimes in workouts we may feel we are competing against the person beside us or the run up that hill or that barbell. But we aren’t. The only thing we should be fighting against is complacency and ignorance. And two of the biggest keys to working on this is self awareness and reflection. Take a moment each day this week to pause and reflect on what is really important to you and what you are doing daily to make this a part of your life.

We also have an intro class happening tomorrow night at 630 if you have anyone interested!

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


After a solid warm up we will get right into this work.

8 minutes to build up to working weight for deadlifts and practice strict/kipping hspu.


3mins on - 3mins off x 5 Rounds

200m/150m/100m Run

10 HSPU/Box HSPU (slow and controlled)/Pushups

10 Deadlifts (225/155) (185/125) (135/95)

ME Burpees over the Bar

You are looking to hit the run in under a minute. Another minute to hit the hspu/deadlifts and then the rest of the time to lose a bit of soul doing a few burpees.

782 Adaptive - 11am

Strength & Conditioning

3mins on - 3mins off x 5 rounds

8 Shuttle Wheels

6 Double DB Cleans

4 Double DB Press

MEcal Row

- Team 782

Monday, July 8, 2019

Hello all.

Hope you all enjoyed the sun and the weekend and are ready to get back at it this Monday.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of our members for allowing us to continue to do what we do. What I mean is that by building this community and moving forward with us we have been able to build a fitness/social community with top notch coaching, while creating careers for these coaches through our membership. We have been able to build quality programs for every type of athlete from your social athlete to your world class athletes as well as for our young and older athletes. I am grateful for each and every one of our members and what you bring into the gym day in and day out. Thank you. Keep it up all summer long.

Remember that we have open gym all day long from 6am to 8pm mixed in with our classes.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


E2MOM x 5 Rounds (10 minutes)

5 Back Squats + 10 High Box Jumps

Build some strength here and then some power. Focus on landing high on those box jumps.


15min AMRAP

200m Run

20 Single Arm DB Thrusters (10 each arm)

20 Jumping Lunges

Push the pace on those thrusters and jumping lunges and use your run to recover.

PrimeTimers - 10am


Explosive Pushup off Wall x 5reps x 4sets

Push yourself off the wall fast. Do your regular pushup, but push off the wall and work on your balance. Make this harder and harder as you go through your sets.

Front Squats x 5reps x 4sets

Let’s get to a few squats here and move will.


15min AMRAP

200m Row/Bike/Ski

15 Squats

10 Situps

5 Explosive Pushups

- Team 782