Saturday, June 23, 2018

Another Saturday outside!

Come get after it. 


15mins to work on sled pushes and sled pulls and tire flips as a group

After a solid warmup where we will get your hamstrings and calves warmed up we'll send you outside as a group to work on your sled pushes and pulls. Basically this is an introductory class to these movements. If you have done them before add some weight and move them fast. Make them hard if you can. Practice a few tire flips as well. 

At the same time complete 100 strict situps while you are waiting to use the sleds. You can do this in as many sets as you want. Strict situps mean you cross your arms across your chest and your feet should be in a butterfly position. 


1 Round

  • 1 mile Run
  • 50 Burpees

After all that work on your sled pushes and pulls and tire flips and core work, just get it. Depending on the class we can start this as a group or you can just get after it yourself. Ton of weightlifting Wednesday, gymnastics Thursday, a mixture today, and so that means tomorrow after some power work, we have some just straight up cardio. 

- Team 782


Friday, June 22, 2018


Few changes are gonna put up on the board here shortly for the summer months. Things are going to be run pretty straight ahead with a few minor tweaks so you can get the best out of your training as well. 

For a few weekends this summer we'll be ditching the gym entirely and loading things up for the beach/outdoors and working on our fitness outside. For that reason we will not be having comp class on Saturday afternoons. At some point in the middle of the summer we'll be meeting with the people interested in committing to the comp class for a plan come September. 

Our teens class will be moved to the morning. On M/W/Sa we will be having our teens class at 9am and on T/Th/F the classes for teens will be at 7am. We will also be having a discussion with the high school teens for additional options over the summer and in the future. 

Our Monday and Thursday schedules will continue on as we have them going now throughout the day and in the evening. For Tuesday our Olympic Lifting class will be moved to 630pm and our Wednesday evening comp class will be moved to 630pm as well. Our Special Olympics class will continue on ahead this summer, but on Wednesday afternoons at 330pm and we'll be choosing two days for our Adaptive program at 1030am. 

These changes will be updated in the near future online and will be added to our announcement board as you adjust to these changes!


Rope Climbs - D-Ball Cleans 


With a partner

  • 10 Rope Climbs/16 Strict Banded Pullups/20 Ring Rows
  • 20 D-Ball Cleans
  • 300m Run (together)
  • 40 Deadlifts (225/155lbs) (185/125lbs) (135/95lbs)
  • 50 V-Snaps 
  • 600m Run (together)
  • 70 Burpees
  • 80 WBS
  • 900m Run (together)

Skill work. Core work. Grunt work. And ya know, some running. 

- Team 782

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Late post here, so sorry about that. Was a busy, amazing evening at the gym coaching and doing a bit of training myself. Super great crew out and about kicking off some lifting mid week. 

Hope you are all doing well and are excited for another day at 782. 


10min EMOM

  • 3-5 Strict HSPU/Box Pushups/Pushups
  • 6-8 Straight Legged T2B/T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks

Take 10 minutes to work some really solid gymnastics skills here. For the upside down work choose a progression that is going to make you better in the long run. Be smart and work on building strength. When going for the work on the T2Bs challenge yourself with the standard you choose. 


3 Rounds

  • 400m Run/Row/Ski or 800m Bike
  • 8 HSPU/Box Pushups/Pushups
  • 12 T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks/MB Situps

14min Time Cap

A solid run here and then some quick work on your gymnastics. You won't spend too much time indoors so you want to push that pace on the run and row as that is where you will be working for most of this workout. If you can again, challenge yourself on that gymnastics work. 

- Team 782

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Always put in your work. Somedays you are gonna feel better than others. That is great. On those days you feel great take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy it. Cherish it, but know that from day to day you shouldn't be controlled by your feelings. Just like on the days that don't feel so good. Don't dwell on it too long. Reflect on it, learn from it, and then move on. 

Tomorrow we have something a little different for you, but something we have done a few times since MayDay Mania has finished. Come in with an open mind to learn and attack each piece the best way you can. 

Strength & Conditioning

30 minutes to complete the following:

  • Bench Press x 5reps x 3sets 
  • Back Squat x 5reps x 3sets
  • DB Push Press x 10reps x 3sets
  • D-Ball Carry x 100' x 3sets
  • Farmers' Carry x 100' x 3sets
  • 1 mile run or 1K run (for all you that need your cardio!)

After a solid general warmup and then a more specific warmup for these 4 movements (+ the run), you will be given 30 minutes to complete these reps. We have done the bench press before a few times now. Start light if you are still learning this skill and work on tracking the bar. For the back squats work mobility and hit technically sound reps. For the D-Ball carry and the farmers carry, the length of the building is 5o feet. Choose something challenging and walk there and back. The D-Ball you want to hug tight to your body, but not cut off your breathing and for the farmers' carry you will want to have a relaxed grip. At any point in time you can complete the 1 mile run (to Warburton) or the 1K run (to the start of the white picket fence). 

- Team 782

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Good evening. 

Hope this rainy day isn't getting in the way of you having an amazing start to the week. 

Summer schedule is being worked out right now. We are going to be moving some of the specialty classes around and we'll be taking out the comp class on Saturday afternoons for now as well. This gives us a chance to schedule in some beach WODs and a few more outdoor activities for the gym. 

Stay tuned for more information and if you ever have any questions shoot us a note. 


C2B/Pullups - Strict 

We will take the first 10 minutes after the warmup to get you set up for your strict pullups. We'll be working our pulling strength up on a bar. 

If you are really working on pullups with the goal of getting a few more kipping chest to bar or bar muscle ups, be patient in this workout and do your strict C2B. 

Handstand Walking

We also want to see you upside; and we want to see you moving! For some people this may be your first time doing this, but it is a perfect time of the year to work on skills. 


25min AMRAP

  • 5 Strict C2B/Pullups/Partner Pullups/Banded Pullups or 10 Jumping Pullups
  • 25' Handstand Walk or 2 Wall Walks
  • 200m Run 

Rest 1 minute

Goal here is to use your run as a recovery run as to let your shoulders and back recover before working those skilled gymnastics movements again. Come in from your run, chalk up, and then start moving again. 

- Team 782


Monday, June 18, 2018


Hope you all out there enjoyed your Father's Day weekend. 

Looking forward to another couple of weeks at school and hope you all enjoy these next couple of weeks of June before we set sail on another beautiful PEI summer. We'll have some summer toys back at the gym for everyone to play with as well! 


Front Squats x 3reps

We'll take 12-15 minutes to build in weight from the rack for your front squats. The focus here is not on speed or real heavy weight, but on sound, consistent technique. Work on pausing at the bottom for 2-3 seconds per rep to improve that mobility. Move down under control and drive back up under control as well. Breathe through each rep and do not rush your sets. 


9min AMRAP

  • 9 Front Squats (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) (65/45lbs)
  • 12 Box Jump Overs
  • 15 Pushups

We can now hit the front squats from the floor if need be and have our first rep come from a squat clean. Be smart and deliberate in your movement here. 

- Team 782

Sunday, June 17, 2018

G'day Sunday.

Here is to hoping to see some more beautiful weather. 


A little gymnastics EMOM here to warm up your core and get you ready for the workout

9min EMOM

  • 0: 10-20sec Knee Tuck/L Sit Hold (from the bar)
  • 1: 15-25 Situps (butterfly style)
  • 2: 30sec Elbow Plank

Three rounds done here with good form. All done to tax the core and you should be taking about 30-40 seconds on the situps. The knee tuck/L-Sit hold will be the most taxing. Hold good form as long as possible. 


4 Rounds

  • 10 T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks
  • 50' DB OH Walking Lunge
  • 200m Run

After all that core work we want you to test out how well it works under fatigue and mid workout. Be smart and efficient on the bar and then get to work on the other two movements. Run with pace, but with control and focus on strong technique and your breathing. 

- Team 782

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The weekend is here!

And it's suppose to be a beauty. So why not get in here and train your ass off!


Power Snatches

Moving that barbell with efficiency. We will work heavy singles here. Take 15 minutes to build in weight hitting 3 reps at a time. That is hit a rep, drop it, take 2 breathes, hit it again, take 2 more breathes and then hit it a third time. Grab a partner and a barbell and have some fun with this one as you build in weight, but more importantly, form. 


5min AMRAP

  • 5 Power Snatches (unbroken) (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) (75/55lbs)
  • 25 UB DU's

If it's a nice day outside crush this workout out in the sun!

- Team 782


Friday, June 15, 2018

Good evening. 

Friday Fun Day. 

Grab a partner and get ready to work together. Hope you are all having a fantastic week and putting up with all this weather. Looks like we'll see some sun again tomorrow so we'll be outside enjoying it for sure. I'll be at Roma Three Rivers tomorrow with the school enjoying the outdoors and hope wherever you all are, you get a chance to get outside and breathe in that fresh air. 


Working N'Sync. (Ha)

Communication will be key tomorrow. Working as a team will be super important to your success so we'll talk and answer any questions about proper communication in a workout. We also want to see you take on these challenges and see them as a chance to learn or succeed rather than something that will cause you to doubt yourself. 

HSPU - Back Squats - Running

These are the 3 skills we'll touch base on for tomorrow. 


20min AMRAP - Partner - reps should be evenly split

  • 50 HSPU/Box Pushups/Pushups
    • (1 partner working, 1 partner holding a handstand/plank)
  • 50 Back Squats (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) (65/45lbs)
    • (1 partner working, 1 partner hanging from the bar)
  • 500m Run Together

Partner Jack and partner Jill start. Partner Jack is in a handstand doing handstand pushups while partner Jill holds a handstand. Partner Jack completes X number of reps and then they switch. Partner Jill starts on the handstand pushups and partner Jack holds a handstand. Continue on like this until all 50 reps are completed (50 total). Same thing for the back squats and hang from the bar. And then for a nice break you get to chat and run 500m together. Sweet you say!

- Team 782