Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Good evening.

Hope all is well this Tuesday.

To confirm things for Saturday, August 17th we will be heading to the beach for a beach WOD at Blooming Point at 10am. There will be a class at 8am at CrossFit 782, but we hope you can all make it to the beach to workout! That afternoon we will be having everyone over to 155 Richard Drive for our annual 782 summer party. Come one, come all. Going in the afternoon from 2pm to 7pm and then we can disperse for the evening to a different venue. Maybe the CDP given that it is Old Home Week!

Keep putting in your work over this next month before we get back into routine in September.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


EMOM 8 (4 Rounds)

0: 2-5 Strict Banded/Partner/etc. Pullups

1: 30sec Handstand Walk or Handstand Hold or Wall Walk Hold

Something here to set you up for the workout and practice a bit of strength and skill.


25min AMRAP

50 DU’s/100 SU’s/60secs practice

21 Plate G2OH

10 Burpees to Plate

15 C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows

200m Run

9 Bar MU’s or 18 Pushups

Fun little gymnastics/conditioning piece here. Move efficiently and keep breathing through every rep.

Adaptive @ 782 - 11am


4 sets

5 Pullups

10 Pistol Press (5 per arm)

Some upper body strength here to get you going for the day!


20min AMRAP

200m Row

10 Plate G2OH

20 WBS

10 Shuttle Wheels

Now on to some cardio. Let’s get after it.

- Team 782