Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bring on August!

Hope you all survived the heat out there and are ready to tackle our second month of the summer.

Write up on our chalkboard the things you are grateful for, the strength in yourself or you have seen in others, and the attitude that will help you move forward no matter what is going on around you.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


12 minutes to build to a heavy 5 rep deadlift


20 minute AMRAP

12 Deadlift (185/125) (135/95) (75/55)

6 DB Thrusters (right)

12 Burpees

6 DB Thrusters (left)

Rest 1 minute

PrimeTimers - 10am

Deadlifts - Double DB Deadlift

Work on moving odd objects off the floor.

5sets of 5reps working your way through some different weight.


We will get you walking both forward and backward here to test your balance.

Forward Lunge x 6 reps x 3sets

Reverse Lunge x 6 reps x 2sets


3min AMRAP - 1 minute rest x 3

10cal Row

10 DB Deadlifts

10 Squats

ME Shuttle Runs/Walks (25’)

About 2-2:25 to do the work and the rest of the time to work your pace on your running.

Adaptive - 11am


4 sets

6 Box Dips

1 minute as fast as possible on assault bike or ski


20min AMRAP

250m Row

20 WBS

15 Plate G2OH

10 Shuttle Wheels

- Team 782