Tuesday, June 2, 2019

Hello all.

See you tomorrow at some point everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend are you are ready to get back at it this week.

Remember we are open all day Monday to Friday from 6am to 830pm. (7 on Fridays).

CrossFit - 6/9/12/430/530/630


E2MOM x 6 Rounds (10 minutes)

3 TnG Power Cleans + 50’ Handstand Walk or 30secs practice or 2 Wall Walks


20min AMRAP

400m Run

15 HSPU/Box Pushups/Pushups

10 Power Cleans (155/105) (115/75) (75/55)

PrimeTimers - 10am


Back Squats x 5reps x 4sets

Working on holding a barbell and increasing your strength. You can also try a goblet squat here.

Pushups x 5reps x 4sets


15min AMRAP

200m Row

10 Lunges

100m Walk or Jog

5 Burpees

Adaptive @ 782 - 11am


3 Rounds

10 Pistol Press w/ DBs

5 Pullups


20min AMRAP

400m Row

15 WBS

10 DB Clean & Jerk (5 per arm)

- Team 782