Thursday, June 27, 2019

‘Everything is all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.’

Read that one tonight and got a good chuckle out of it. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Have been doing a lot of planning for the summer and then into next year as well and have been thinking a lot about expectations and what that word means. The world and ourselves sometimes set heavy expectations on our shoulders that can burden us to the point where these expectations are not beneficial anymore. I believe instead of being weighed down by our own or others expectations it is better to live with goals and develop habits that do not allow these expectations to become a weight for us. Rather having goals and habits and developing discipline we are not always striving for something just out of our reach, but we are living in a way that allows us to move forward, but move forward with peace and calmness in our body, mind, and soul.

Just my two cents for the day.

CrossFit - 6/9/12/330/430/530/630/730


6 minutes to hit 3 sets with light weight

Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance


Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

and then

8 minutes to hit a heavy snatch single (squat or power)

If you are still working on this movement take the 8 minutes to hit consistent reps at a lighter weight.


For Time

15 Snatches (135/95) (95/65) (65/45) - any style

30 Burpees

60/50cal Row/Bike/Ski

30 Burpees

15 Snatches

PrimeTimers - 10am


Barbell Deadlifts x 5reps x 4sets

Adding a bit of weight if you feel comfortable with it start building up that strength.

Pushups x 5reps x 4sets

Wall Walk Practice or Plank Practice x 4 attempts


12min AMRAP

12/9cal Row

6 Pushups

12 Ball Slams

6 Lunges (per leg)

782 Adaptive - 11am

Strength & Conditioning

30min AMRAP

4 DB Clean & Jerks (per arm)

8 Box Dips

12 Shuttle Wheels (could be outside)

16 Ball Slams

20cal Row

After getting a solid warmup in we will get right to this. Enjoy.

- Team 782