Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Good evening.

Few notes to share this week. We will be getting rid of our lost and found here shortly. Take a look at the gear up there to see if you are missing anything.

This weekend Anikha and Mike will be completing their workouts here at the gym and we want to get a crowd out to check them out and support and cheer them on. If we have to make any schedule changes to accommodate their workouts we will let you know.

CrossFit - 6/12/330/430/530


E2MOM x 5 Rounds

3 Power Snatches

Try a few rounds hitting some touch and go snatches and then from there hit a few heavy singles with a limited amount of rest in between each set.


For Time


DU’s (2x the amount SU’s) or 45secs DU practice each round



Power Snatches (135/95) (95/65) (75/55)

Adaptive @ 782 - 11am


4 Rounds

5 Pullups

7 Box Dips


Building some power and some base strength here.


15min AMRAP

300m Row

10 Shuttle Wheels

5 DB Clean and Jerks (per arm)

CrossFit 101 - 730pm


E2MOM x 5 Rounds

3 Hang Power Snatches

Working on some technique here to move a barbell. This is a new movement for most people so be coachable and be ready to fail. learn, and try again.


14min AMRAP

42 SU’s

21 Situps

7 Burpees

3 Hang Power Snatches (75/55)

Get after it here!

- Team 782