Saturday, April 13, 2019

Hello all!

Good luck to our competitors over in Halifax and our coaches over there to help keep them sane!!

Ryan, Tyne, Kirk, and Emily M. are all heading over to compete and there is a cheering section over there to sit back, drink coffee, and have a good time!

For all of you on the Island we’ll keep you active with our new Saturday schedule.

CrossFit 8/9/10

CrossFit 101 - 11

Special Olympics - 12

Comp - 1

Teens are welcome to come to any class throughout the day



5 Rounds

25 Russian KBS

20 Shuttle Runs

15 C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows

20min Cap


3 Rounds

5 Strict C2B/Pullups (banded, partner, jumping, etc.)

15 Strict Situps

1min Plank

CrossFit 101


5 Rounds

3 Strict Pullups (banded or partner)

10 Strict Situps

30sec Plank


15min AMRAP

15 Russian KBS

12 Shuttle Runs

9 Ring Rows

Comp Class

A: Class WOD

B: Oly Lifting

20min EMOM



Run 3K

- Team 782