Saturday, March 9, 2019

Another beautiful day to come in and get after some work in on 19.3.

Remember to get signed in on to get yourself into a heat.

We will be running a briefing at 8am/9am/10am/11am and then 2pm. We also have CrossFit 101 at 12 where we will be doing a version of 19.3.

It is always a great day in here so come be part of it. The coffee will be brewing, the tunes blaring, and everyone will be getting after it!!

Strength & Conditioning

10min Time Cap

200’ OH Walking Lunge

50 DB Step Ups

50 Strict HSPU

200’ Handstand Walk/Bear Crawl

Practice your movements after warming up and then get ready to grind out those legs to get into a bit of gymnastics work!

CrossFit 101 - 12


Wall Walk Practice

Lunge Practice

Step Up Practice

Push Practice

Take about 5 minutes after the warm up to practice each skill.


10min Time Cap

2 Rounds

100’ Front Rack Lunge

25 Step Ups

25 Pushups

100’ Bear Crawl

After a warmup and some skill practice we will get into this workout. We can always scale as needed for each athlete.

- Team 782