Friday, March 22, 2019d

Hello all!

Hope everyone is good this Thursday evening and ready for the weekend.

Check out

to get signed up for Saturday.

Here we go for our last weekend of the CrossFit open!

CrossFit - 6/12/330/430/530


5 Rounds

12/9cal Row/Bike or 10/8cal Ski

10 Burpees

30 DU’s/60 SU’s

Rest 1 minute

Sprint each round


3 Rounds

10 Strict Situps

20 Russian Twists

30sec Hollow Hold

LiveFit - 9am

30secs on - 30secs off x 5 rounds at each station

Row for cals


MB Thrusters



3 Rounds

60sec Plank

30sec Hang from Bar

10 V-Snaps

Teens - 330

Open Gym

- Team 782