Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

I will be at the PEISAA Provincials Gymnastics meet all day tomorrow so I will be missing you all at 782!

Train hard for me!

CrossFit - 8/10/11


12min EMOM (4 Rounds)

0: 3 Tuck Jumps (from knees to feet and over PVC pipe) - 1 every 15 seconds or so

1: 15 Russian KBS

2: 30sec (or less) L-Sit or Knee Tuck Hold (from parallettes or rings or boxes)

A fun little bit of work here to work on your power, core strength, and get you primed for the workout.


8min Ascending Ladder


Deadlifts (225/155lbs) (185/125lbs) (135/95lbs)

10 Box Jump Overs b/w each set

After some work on our power we’ll get into some grind work. Set that back every rep.

CrossFit 101 - 12

Strength + Skills

12min EMOM (4 rounds)

0: 3 Pullups

1: 5 Front Squats

2: 10 Shuttle Runs

Some strength work, some skill work, and then some cardio to make it that much harder.


3mins on - 3mins off x 3 rounds

10 Ring Rows (difficult)

10 DB Snatch

20 Air Squats

ME Burpees

Get it!

Comp Class

WOD 1:

14min AMRAP

1000m Row

60 WBS

40 DB Snatch

20 C2B/Pullups or 10 MUs

ME Burpees

WOD 2:

Class Workout

WOD 3:

Complete the following

60 GHDs

3min plank

3min Hang from Bar

- Team 782