Saturday, February 23, 2019


On Saturday come on in.

Even if you are not planning on doing the open workout online we are still programming this workout for our classes on Saturday. If you want to be judged try to come to the comp class in the afternoon. We have heats set up for everyone to try to have it run as smoothly as possible.

Sign up here if you are planning on coming to the gym tomorrow regardless of if you need a judge or not.

There will be an extra class at 9am tomorrow.

CrossFit - 8/9/10/11

CrossFit 101 - 12

Special Olympics - 1

Comp Class - 2

Strength & Conditioning

15min AMRAP

19 WBS

19cal Row


20lb ball/10’ target for males

14lb ball/9’ target for females

Scale as needed.

We’ll start the class briefing strategy and getting you warmed up for the workout. We will run two heats each class so 12 people can attend. If you need to you can use the bike or ski erg if you are not doing the open.

Comp class and CrossFit 101 will both do this workout as well.

- Team 782