Wednesday, January 10, 2019

G’day. Good evening.

Hope you are all enjoying your week thus far and are ready to get after it this Wednesday.

Remember we have comp class at 630 and it usually runs until 830! Come check it out if you haven’t already!

Keep doing what you are doing this new year. We love seeing you in here.


12min EMOM

  • 1-3: 5 Strict C2B/Pullups/Partner Pullups/Scap Pullups/Ring Rows

  • 4-6: 5 Pullups/Jumping Pullups/Scap Pullups/Ring Rows

  • 7-9: 5 Deep Ring Rows/Ring Rows/Jumping Pullups

  • 10-12: 10-15 Negative Pullup/30sec Active Hang

Some work here on your strict pullups.

Basically for the first 3 minutes you will work at an extremely tough progression and work your way down from there. Second set of 3 minute intervals it should be a little easier. Third set a little easier and then finally set should be something you can work at under fatigue.

For example I’ll have to scale the number of reps, but I’ll do:

  • 3 Strict C2B (1-3)

  • 4 Strict Pullups (4-6)

  • 5 Deep Ring Rows (7-9)

  • 10sec Negative Pullup (10-12)

After a little cardio today we’ll build some upper body strength.


8min Ascending Ladder


  • C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows

  • Deadlifts (225/155lbs) (185/125lbs) (135/95lbs)

  • V-Snap

Get it. A bit of everything here. Get it.

Competitive Class - 630pm

WOD 1: With A Partner AMRAP 20

·         300 DU’s

·         30 Ring MU or 30 Ring Dips + 30 Pullups/Ring Rows

·         40 DB Step Up Overs

·         40 DB Squat Snatch

OLY:  8 mins

Warm Up With Bar 2 Rounds:

·         10 Snatch Grip Deadlift

·         10 Snatch Pulls

·         10 High Pulls From Hang

Then 10 mins to build to heavy power snatch

WOD 2:  Class WOD

Gymnastics: Class EMOM

- Team 782