Monday, January 28, 2019

Hello, Hello!

Here are your updates for the SnowDown ThrowDown 3.0 this Saturday.

Will be teams of 4 of the same gender.

Workouts will go from 2-5 and there will be some sort of conditioning piece, some skill work, and some heavy lifting. Keeping it very casual so show up and we will throw you into some heats and get after it.

You can sign up with your team on

We will also be asking our athletes from Special Olympics PEI and our Adaptive program to be throwing down.

This is not so much a competition as it is a fundraiser. It will be asked that each team bring $100 to throwdown that afternoon and all funds raised will go towards our choice of program.

If you can get yourself signed up at it would help us greatly with our scheduling and programming!

CrossFit - 6/12/330/430/530/630


E3MOM x 5 Rounds - 15 minutes

  • 5 Back Squats

We’ll hit some strength here for you all before getting into our conditioning piece. Focus on sound, solid movement in each rep.


For Time - 15min Time Cap

  • 40 Back Squats (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) (65/45lbs)

  • 60 Step Ups (24”/20”)

  • 80 Jumping Lunges or Stationary Reverse Lunges

Legs on legs on legs. Get it.

LiveFit - 9am


40secs on - 20secs off x 4 Rounds at each couplet - Rest 1 minute b/w couplets


  • Rowing

  • Shuttle Runs


  • Squats

  • DB Snatch


  • Walking Lunges

  • Renegade Rows


  • 30secs Foam Roll each quad

  • 30sec Couch stretch each leg

  • 30sec calf stretch each leg

2 Rounds

CrossFit 101 - 730pm


9min EMOM

  • 0: 5 Deadlifts (increase in weight each round)

  • 1: 4-5 Pullups (banded or partner)

  • 2: 30sec Hollow Hold

Some core work, some strength work, and some skill work.


4 Rounds

  • 10 American Kettlebell Swings

  • 20 Situps

  • 10 Shuttle Runs (25’)

  • 20 DU’s/1min skipping practice/60 SU’s

Some work here now on our core with the situps and kettlebell swings and then some cardio to follow it up with the skipping and running. This may be the first workout we do with rounds for time instead of an AMRAP. We will have a 20 minute time cap for this workout to make sure you are moving at a steady pace.

- Team 782