Friday, January 25, 2019

Good evening!

Quick update on SnowDown Throwdown. Going to be Saturday afternoon from 2-5 on February 2nd. Will be a fun little throwdown with teams of 4 most likely same gender. More details to follow this coming weekend.

Hope you are all enjoying this week and ready for the weekend!

Remember to get signed up for the Olympic Lifting team starting this weekend at 9am!

CrossFit - 6/12/330/430/530


Snatch Practice

We’ll warm you up with a PVC and practice efficient movement. Keeping that bar tight to your body and moving with speed through the hips. After we will give you some time to work with the barbell before testing out this EMOM

6min EMOM

  • Snatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Snatch

This can be done from the hang or the floor and the weight should be kept light to work on proper mechanics. It is a warm up for the workout and those reps to follow.


15min AMRAP w/ a partner

  • 100 DU’s/180 SU’s/45secs DU practice(each)

  • 10 Snatches (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) (55/35lbs)

  • 100 DU’s/180 SU’s/45secs DU practice each

  • 10 Snatches (165/110lbs) (115/75lbs) (75/55lbs)

  • 100 DU’s/180 SU’s/45secs DU practice each

  • 10 Snatches (195/130lbs) (135/95lbs) (85/60lbs)

  • 100 DU’s/180 SU’s/45secs DU practice each

  • 10 Snatches (215/140lbs) (155/105lbs) (95/65lbs)

  • And so on until the 15 minute mark!

Some high skill work here in both domains. Partners will complete their skipping and snatches equally ideally and alternate back and forth anyway they please. For example partner A does 50 DU’s and partner B does 45 secs of skipping practice after that. After that they can move back and forth for the snatches doing singles or doubles or whatever they see fit. Keep moving through this 100/10 sequence until the 15 minute mark building in weight.

LiveFit - 9am


40secs on - 20secs off x 4 Rounds

  • DB Step Ups

  • Renegade Row

  • Row

  • KB Deadlift

  • Mountain Climber

  • Shuttle Run


15secs on each station x 5 Rounds

  • Situps

  • MB Russian Twists

  • LSit Hold (from ground)

  • Rest

Get after each of these workouts!

- Team 782