Friday, January 18, 2019

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Time to get in and enjoy this Friday workout. Find a friend Friday for sure and find a time to get in and get after it.

For all those members in our new programs we hope you are enjoying it and find some time to get in here this weekend too!

CrossFit - 6/12/430/530


10mins to build to a heavy:

  • Clean + Hang Clean

Your hang clean should be your limiting factor here. Make rep number 1 smooth and then from there get under that bar fast.

Build up to your handstand pushup progressions for the workout.


With a partner (so that you go for 6 minutes and then your partner goes for 6 minutes)

6min Ascending Ladder


  • Strict HSPU/Box Pushups/Pushups

  • Cleans (245/175lbs) (185/125lbs) (155/105lbs) (96/65lbs)

Rest 6 minutes

6min Ascending Ladder


  • HSPU/Pushups

  • Cleans (185/125lbs) (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) (65/45lbs)

Two completely separate workouts here. Partner A hits some heavy, strict work for 6 minutes and then rests for 6 minutes before hitting something a little faster. Lighter loads and something easier for your movement.

LiveFit - 9am

Core + Cardio

60secs on (core) - 60secs (cardio) - 60secs (rest) x 2 rounds

  • Plank - Row

  • L-Sit (from floor) - Shuttle Run

  • Side Plank (30 each side) - Step Up

Some core work right into some cardio work here after a solid warmup.

Legs + Arms

20secs (arms) - 20 secs (legs) - 20 secs (rest) x 3 rounds

  • Pushups - Squats

  • Ring Row - Lunge

  • DB Push Press - KB Deadlift

We’ll learn a couple of new skills here and then get right into it.

- Team 782