Thursday, January 17, 2019

Come one, come all to get in some training.

We have realized there have been some parking issues at the 330/430/530 classes.

We ask the parents picking up the kids from the 330 class to pull up beside the Home Depot service road and your teens can walk up there to meet you. A two minute walk to cool down after the workout will be good for them, I promise. For the 430/530 classes Mike and I and some other coaches will be moving our vehicles out of the parking lock so this will clear up 4+ more spaces during this busy time. If you still find it too packed you can park over the in the Benevolent Irish Society parking lot and walk over. We ask those parking in our lot to still park the right way leaving enough space for us to fill our parking lot! Thank you!

CrossFit - 6am/12/330/430/530/630


Tabata - 20secs on - 10secs off x 8 rounds (4mins) at each movement

  • Burpee Bar MU’s/Pullups or Ring Rows

  • Box Jump Overs

  • Situps

After a warmup to get your shoulders and movement ready we’ll dive right into this fun little piece of skill/core/cardio work before getting ready for the workout.


4 Rounds

15min Hard Time Cap

  • 6 Bar MU’s/9 C2B or Pullups or Ring Rows

  • 12 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Rest 2 minutes b/w rounds

The 15 minute hard time cap is there to make sure you go hard and scale appropriately for all the movements.

LiveFit - 9am


30 secs on - 30secs off x 4 rounds

  • Squat Thrusts

  • Mountain Climbers

  • Bike for Cals

  • Renegade Rows

  • MB Thruster


20secs on - 10secs rest x 6 Rounds

  • Hang from Bar

  • Left Foot Balance

  • Right Foot Balance

  • Plank

Some work on the core and balance here.



  • 2min Row

  • 2min Shuttle Wheels

  • 2min Shoulder Mobility


  • Box Dips x 6reps x 4 Sets

  • WBS x 10reps x 4 sets


15min AMRAP

  • 10 Shuttle Wheels

  • 10cal Row

  • 10 Ball Slams

  • 10 DB C & J (5 per arm)

CrossFit 101 - 730pm

Strength & Skill

10min EMOM

  • 0: 2-3 Wall Walks

  • 1: 3-5 Strict Pullups

Work hard here on some gymnastics skills.

Dumbbell Snatch

We’ll work on alternating the dumbbell and moving the weight with your legs and keeping that back flat.

15min AMRAP

  • 10 Shuttle Runs

  • 10 Pushups

  • 10 Ring Rows

  • 10 DB Snatch

Do CrossFit they said. They said it would be fun.

- Team 782