Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Good evening.

I can’t say it enough.

Fall in love with the process of doing something and the results will follow.

The process means growing through the challenges life (and CrossFit) throw at you. It means accepting these challenges as part of CrossFit (and life) and moving forward one step at a time instead of stepping back or trying to step around these challenges. It means so many things, it means being open to learning, being aware of who you are, being willing to accept feedback and objectively analyze this feedback. If you have any other ideas on what ‘the process’ means please let me know. It could mean so many different things to so many different people. Just my little rant for the day.

CrossFit - 6/12/330/430/530


E2MOM x 6 Rounds

  • 2 Push Jerks

You can build in weight prior to this structured piece of work and then build in weight as you need to during this workout as we get set up for the workout.

T2B Progressions

We’ll also help you build out of your comfort zone here with this movement.


Open Workout 13.4

7min Ascending Ladder


  • Clean & Jerks (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) (75/55lbs)

  • T2B/Leg Raises/Knee Tucks

Get in and get after it. This should be an exciting test for people who had the chance to do it back in 2013!

Competitive Class - 630pm

WOD 1: 13.4

OLY:  E2MOM - 8 Rounds

2 Push Jerk

WOD 2: 5 Rnds, rest 1 min between

20 WBS

40’ HS Walk/20 Shoulder Touches

60 DU’s

- Team 782