Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hello all!

Tuesday is here and it is time to get in for some CrossFit!

The Olympic Lifting Club will be starting Saturday, January 25th at 9am and will run for 8 weeks on Saturdays at 9am and Tuesdays at 630pm. There will be a mock competition on the final Saturday. We will only be accepting 10 people for this program and for the 8 weeks it will be $125. You must have at least 3 months of CrossFit or Olympic Lifting experience. To get signed up please talk to Kyle, Mike, or Brett and you will get yourself registered on Onramp.

Hope everyone’s New Year’s resolutions/lifestyle changes are going well. If you need anything from us please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

CrossFit - 6/12/330(teens)/430/530/630(open gym)


E3MOM - with a team of 3 - 5 rounds (15mins)

  • 40sec ME Row/Bike/Ski

This part of the workout is going to test all out power. Think of this as a 200-300m run. Not a full sprint, but pretty freakin’ close. You have over 2 minutes to recover so go hard.


Team of 3 - 18 min AMRAP

  • 60cal Bike/Ski/Row

  • 60 MB Situps

  • 60 Burpees

  • 60 DB Snatch

Some time to test out some sprinting here as well. Go hard as you will have lots of time to rest as the workout moves along.

LiveFit - 9am


40secs on - 20secs off x 5 rounds

  • DB Snatch

  • MB Slam

  • KB Goblet Squat

  • Shuttle Run

Some solid work here. A chance to work on a few new skills and test out your running!


4 Rounds

  • 60sec Plank

  • 30sec Side Plank

  • 30sec Side Plank

  • 60sec Rest

Continue working that core!

CrossFit 101 - 730pm


12min EMOM

  • 0: 3 Overhead Squats

  • 1: 40sec Skipping Practice

  • 2: 40sec Plank

Some time to work a few new skills here. From the rack we’ll learn how to get the bar overhead and get your working on some overhead squats. As well we’ll give you a rope for the first time to practice your skipping!


3min on - 3min off x 3 rounds

  • 30 SU’s/30secs skipping practice/15 DU’s

  • 15 Situps

  • 15 Air Squats

After some skill work we will get after some hard work!

- Team 782