Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday. Come in and get after it. 

Hope you are all doing well so far this week and are excited about another little training session. 



We will work on your snatch technique for a good portion of the class after a solid warmup getting your hips and shoulders ready to move. 


14min EMOM

  • 0: 2 Snatch
  • 1: 30sec Hollow Hold

After giving you some time to warmup the snatch and hit a few reps to get ready we will get right into this EMOM. You want to start light and build up in weight as you progress through the workout. Add weight every second or third round if you feel comfortable with your movement. 

After the EMOM you will complete the following piece of work. 

400m Run x 3 - rest 3 minutes b/w bouts. 

- Team 782