Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Funday!

Don't forget that this Saturday we have class here at 8am and then we are meeting at the beach at 10am for our 2nd beach WOD of the summer. It is at Blooming Point Beach. Workout starts at exactly 10:10 and it takes about 10 minutes to walk down from the parking lot so make sure you plan on arriving there before 10. We'll have some washer toss, bean bag games, and spike ball for some fun after. 


Rope Climbs 

We will get you on to the rope and get you moving up and down. If are you still working strict pullups it will be more beneficial for you to do strict pullups in the workout, but work a bit of skill on the rope before the workout starts and then again after if you are keen. 

DB Work

We did a bit of work with the dumbbells on Wednesday and we want you to throw them around a bit more here. 


Team of 3 Chipper

  • 18 Rope Climbs/36 Strict Pullups/48 Ring Rows
  • 400m Run Together
  • 72 DB/KB Thrusters 
  • 400m Run Together
  • 72 DB Step Ups
  • 400m Run

20min Time Cap

Get together. Get in some team work. And get after it. 

- Team 782