Saturday, August 11, 2018

Get at me Saturday.

Bit of work today on a few different things. 

Some more work to do tomorrow. Take those skills you learn and use in CrossFit and apply them to your everyday life. Be mentally prepared for anything. Be patient. Be humble. 


Grit - The true separator. 

Put the work in day after day. You will come out better on the other side. 


  • 1 mile Row (1600m)
  • 200 DU's/600 SU's/4mins DU practice
  • 1 mile Run


Scale the numbers as you see fit. 

Optional - to be done after or before class

15 minutes to build to a heavy:

  • Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk

5sets x 5reps

  • Strict Pullups

Do this if you are capable of doing it yourself after or before class. 

- Team 782