Tuesday, July 31, 2018


I haven't even trained yet today and I am just sweating up a storm by the bbq. Even in the summer trying to prep for the week after a busy weekend at the gym and around the community. Can't believe the end of July is upon us, but I feel I have lived July to the best I could have and am excited for a nice month of August. 

Reminder we have MotionBall for Special Olympics coming up at the start of September and if you are interested let me know that you want to be part of the team. 



Going to try something different here with a simple little workout. Goal will be to increase the pace each round. Keep track of you times and be wary of you starting pace. 


5 Rounds - increasing pace each round - rest 2 minutes b/w rounds

  • 45 DU's/90 SU's
  • 300m Run
  • 15 Burpees

The real place here to improve your pace each round is on the round. Be cautious on your first round and then set a game plan as you go. You don't want to increase your pace by a big number each round. For example you may want to start at 3:00 for your first round and then 2:50/2:45/2:40/2:30 from there. In the warmup we'll do a contrived practice round to get your warmed up, but start thinking now what kind of pace you can finish with and adjust your starting pace from there.