Saturday, July 28, 2018

Good Friday evening everyone. 

Hope you are all well and getting some rest in. 

Strength & Conditioning

3 parts

Part A: 1 mile Run

Rest 3 mins

Part B: 45 HSPU or Box Pushups/60 Pushups/45 Strict Press

Rest 3 mins

Part C: Tire Flips/Sled Pushes/DBall Carries/Farmers' Carries

Some cardio, some gymnastics, some weightlifting. After a solid warmup to get you set up for the first two parts of the workout primarily, we will send you off on a run just past Warburton. Move steady on this one, if not spectacular. Dig in and deep and fight to improve on that running stride and that running mantra you hold in your head. After you come in we want you to rest for 3 minutes at least and then hit a lot of handstand pushups. For some people 45 may be unattainable at the moment at any progression. Choose a number that you will have to work for, but you could potentially do in 4-5 sets. Don't be intimidated by the large number, use it as a gauge of where you want to be someday, if you want to get there. And to finish off get outside and start moving some objects around and have a bit o' fun. 

- Team 782