Friday, June 13, 2018

Friday Funday here boys and girls!

Hope you are all doing well and ready for a bit of team work. 

We are planning a beach WOD for next Saturday the 21st if any of you are keen keep the date open.

Strength & Conditioning

4 Stations - 8 minutes at each station

Teams of 4-6 at each station

Power Station

  • Sled Pushes

Load up some weights on these bad boys and get to work. In a team of 4 I'd have one sled out and alternate between each member of the team. To do these correctly you need lots of time to rest so you can put max power into each sled push. 

Skill Station

  • Hanging from the Bar

Here for 8 minutes you can work on rope climbs, strict pullups, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups, etc. In teams of 4 I'd alternate one person working at a time. Larger teams can work through different scenarios

Cardio Station

  • Running

You can run as a group for a longer distance or you can do shorter distances in pairs or individuals. 

Strength Station

  • Back Squats & Bench Press

At the mini rig we'll set up two bars for the back squats and two bars for the bench press and with your group you will build in weight for these movements. 

This is a very different setup than anything we have ever done before. As soon as you come in we'll give you quick warmup and then get you into groups of 4+. There will be a lot of adapting on the fly so bare with your team and use this as a learning experience and a chance to figure out solutions when you come across things new to you or things you don't understand. We'll take a few minutes at each station explaining what you will be doing and assign a group to each station and then get right work. One group will start at the power, one at the running, one at the skills, and one at the strength. 

See you all in the am.

- Team 782