Saturday, June 30, 2018

It's suppose to be very warm tomorrow. 

Be mindful of that in your training. Go slower than you think you want to so that you can keep your breathing manageable and drink lots of water beforehand, during, and after the workout. 

Hope you are all ready to enjoy your Canada Day weekend. On Sunday we'll have our 10am class on as usual and then on Monday we'll be doing our Canada Day workout at 10am again. The gym will be closed for the rest of the day on those two days. Back to our usual schedule on Tuesday. 


Pacing Yourself - Run your own race, no one else's. 

Find something you can work at and is going to improve you and stick to that plan. 


  • 50cal Row
  • 100 DU's/300 SU's/3mins DU practice
  • 1K Run

Pace yourself according to your fitness. And be mindful of the heat. 

- Team 782