Thursday, December 6, 2018

Can you believe we are getting closer and closer to Christmas.

I guess that just happens with time.

Enjoy the beautiful weather we have out here and get yourself ready for the holidays by creating good habits where you can enjoy the food and beverages you love around the people you want to be around, but stay on top of living a healthy, happy life.

We are in the process of fine tuning our website and adding our different programs. Start reaching out to your friends who may be interested in either of the programs starting in January.


20min E2MOM (10 rounds)

  • Power Cleans + Hang Clean + Jerk

We’ll start light here and get you moving a barbell. For the power clean make sure you can move it well. The hang clean should be a squat for our experienced members and for those who are new we want you working on those hips by doing a hang power clean. You can do a push jerk or a split jerk.

Take your time on this complex and build up in weight as you go along. Technique trumps everything else.


5min AMRAP

  • 25 WBS

  • 10 Burpees

Just some moving here to move the lungs along after our lifting.

- Team 782