Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hello one, Hello all!

Time to get in on our hump day and put in some work.

Today was some good focus work on 3 seperate, but extremely important skills. How to move an odd object well through a full range of motion. How to practice a skill and retrain how your body moves. And how to strengthen up your core for all your gymnastics movements.

Now we get to have a bit more fun on Wednesday. Do not forget to make your plans for the holidays that include us!



We are going to work here on your high skilled gymnastics movements.

  • Handstand Pushup Progressions

  • Pullup Progressions

Leading into the workout we’ll walk you through these movements and the different options for where you are now currently with your fitness and where you want to be.


  • 30cal Row/Ski/Bike/Burpees

  • 10 Deficit Strict HSPU/Strict HSPU/Box Pushups

  • 10 Strict C2B/Pullups/Banded Pullups/Partner Pullups

  • 30cal Row/Ski/Bike/Burpees

  • 15 Strict HSPU/Box Pushups/Pushups

  • 15 Strict Pullups/Banded Pullups/Partner Pullups/Ring Rows

  • 30cal Row/SKi/Bike/Burpees

  • 20 HSPU/Box Pushups/Pushups

  • 20 C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows

What we have here is a bit of work on our strict gymnastics skills. For each progression you want to choose something difficult and then move your way down from there. You can also scale the numbers as need be for something manageable for yourself. The first set of 10 should be done in 2-3 sets and same for the second set of 15. The last set of 20 can be done in any style, kipping that is, and technique will come into play here when the body is tired. The cardio before each round is there to give everything a little break. We can start this in 2-3 heats depending on what everyone chooses for their cardio option.

I’d probably hit it like this:

  • 10 strict hspu (no deficit); 10 strict c2b

  • 10 strict hspu (no deficit): 15 strict pullups

  • 20 kipping hspu; 20 butterfly c2b

Competitive Class - 630pm

WOD 1: Partner AMRAP 25 – Split as you like

·         25 Bar MU’s or 50 C2B/Kipping PU’s/Ring Rows

·         20 Burpees

·         50 OHS (135/95)(95/65)(65/45)

·         20 Burpees

·         100” DB Lunge (1 OH+1 Front Rack)

·         20 Burpees

Weightlifting:  E2MOM – 9 Rounds

·         Rounds 1-3 = 2 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerk

·         Rounds 4-6 = 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk (or 2 of either)

·         Rounds 7-9 = 1 Push or Split Jerk

WOD 2: Class WOD

Core + Grip = EMOM 6 – 30 on/30 off

·         ME L-Sit Hold (Hang or Paralettes)

·         ME Farmer’s Walk

- Team 782