Friday, December 21, 2018

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Big weekend coming up ahead of us!

Come on out to the game on Saturday night at the Cari complex for a bit of hockey!


MU/Pullup Progressions

We are going to take 10 minutes as part of your specific warm up to hit these movements.

For those moving from a ring row to a pullup we’ll have you working on some strict pullups and for those moving from a strict pullup to a kipping pullup we’ll have you on another drill and then for those moving from a pullup to a muscle up we’ll have you working on something else.


We’ll take a look at this movement here to get you moving proficiently.


20 min Partner Ascending Ladder


  • Ring MU’s/Strict Pullups/C2B/Pullups

4 Snatches + 20 Burpees after each set.

You can build in weight during each set of your snatches if you are feeling up for it.

Partner A does 1 muscle up and then partner B does 1 muscle up. Break up the snatches and burpees and muscle ups anyway that you want, but so that you do equal work.

This is a workout to work on skills and strength under extreme fatigue.

- Team 782