Wednesday, November 7, 2018

We are here for some fun on Wednesday,

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday in the rain and you continue to get your training in!

This weekend we have the Remembrance Day Ceremony. We’ll be having 2 classes on Monday. Times to be determined. This Thursday night come to the Charlottetown Islanders as they play host to Jordan Spence’s Moncton Wildcats.

And go to to join in on the Island Throwdown on Saturday, November 17.


Pistol Squats

Bar MU’s

We’ll take a look at these two progressions and help you get better at both movements .


‘An ol’ Chipper’

  • 100/85cal Row/Ski/Bike

  • 75 Plate G2OH

  • 50 Pistol Squats or 50 Plate OH Stationary Lunges

  • 25 Bar MU’s/Strict Pullups or 50 C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows

20min Time Cap

A couple of movements to just tax the ol’ lungs and heart and then some high skilled movements under fatigue. Scaled appropriately so you can finish under the 20 minute time cap.


WOD 1 – Class WOD

OLY – E2MOM 8 Rounds

·         Power Clean x2 + Jerk

WOD 2 – 3 Rounds, 10min Time Cap

·         8 Strict HSPU (Abmat/box HSPU)

·         4 Power Cleans (245/170)(205/145)(155/105)

Then, 3 Rounds

·         12 HSPU (Abmat /box HSPU)

·         6 Power Cleans (185/135)(155/105)(115/75)

*Choose a scaling so you can at least make it into the second part of this workout

Grip – EMOM 6 Mins (3 rounds of each movement)

·         15 Sec Chin-above-bar hold + 30 Sec Hang

·         45 Sec DL Hold (135/95)(115/75)

- Team 782