Thursday, January 19, 2017

Time to crush out another workout. 

Week has been flying by and you all have been flying through these workouts. Each day you all impress me with what you can do and how far you have come. For those just starting out keep up the learning and soak it all in. You only get to be new once, enjoy the process and keep moving forward. 

We had our first 730 class of the year and I was able to get in a great workout as always, coached by the wonderful Mike Ives. We have another fundamentals crew finishing up tomorrow and I know you will all welcome them with open arms!

We also have our first Sport & Social Game tomorrow night. Get on the roster if you have not yet. So far we have:

  • Brett Roberts
  • Glynn Jenkins
  • Aaron MacDougall
  • Emily Maceachern
  • Ryan Coffin
  • Aaron Fitzpatrick
  • Jill Jeffery
  • Kirk MacDonald
  • Bryan Daye
  • Mike Callaghan
  • Caroline Gallant

Few people have yet to pay that signed up. If you haven't please do so tomorrow. Still looking to add a few members as well. I will be coaching until 730 tomorrow so Jill has been appointed team captain. We play Greg and Allison tomorrow. Don't be scared to throw a few elbows at Greg's face. Allison is pretty nice so just trip her once or twice. 

Strength & Conditioning

With a partner 60sec on: 60secs off - 4 rounds

  • DU's or SU's or DU practice
  • Burpee Box Jump Overs
  • Lap Shuttle Runs

24 minutes of interval training with a partner. Go hard for 60 seconds and then rest for 60 seconds. When you are moving, move so you can earn that recovery. We will be trying a new running circuit in the box to see what we can do for the winter months. Nothing technical or fancy about today. Just some good ol' fashioned lung building. 

- Team 782