Thursday, January 12, 2016

Time for a bit of change with the open coming up.

With the opening starting up at the end of February we are going to be moving our partner workouts from Friday to Thursday. The reason for this is because the open workouts will be announced Thursday night and then the workouts will be programmed for Friday and Saturday depending on the weekend. 

We'll be taking an approach that we'll be hitting the workouts hard over the weekend and training accordingly around that workout so the volume is a little lower and the intensity a little lower during the week, but still getting some work done. 


Back Squat 

Setting the back squat up from the floor we'll work on getting the bar up overhead and on your shoulders before you squat. 

Burpee Pulups/Muscle Ups

We'll hit a few of these reps to work on efficiency in both movements. 


For time with a partner

2K Row Cash In

2 rounds for time

  • 30 Back Squats (185/125lbs) (155/105lbs) (95/65lbs)
  • 10 Burpee Muscle Ups or 20 Burpee Pullups or 30 Burpees

Move consistently on the rowing and then from there figure out your strategy to split the reps as needed on the work on your back squats and burpee variations. 

- Team 782