Thursday, September 8, 2016

Beauty couple of days lifting things up and putting them back down. 

Love the work you are all putting in. if you missed the back squats or the strict press you can use tomorrow to catch up on either one of the lifts. We have our deadlifts on Friday and if you need to catch up on both lifts you can try to get them in on Saturday or Sunday as we get started on Monday with our percentages and full on lifting. 

Tomorrow we have some work on our core and a bit of cardio. Come one and come all for a good time. 


T2B Progressions

Work on cleaning up our efficiency and making sure we have our sequencing on point no matter what progression we are on with this movement. 

We'll hit a few L Sits and strict work before getting into the kipping and prepping for the workout. 

During this time if you need to squat or press you can. 


3 rounds for time

  • 20 T2B or Knee Tucks or MB Situps
  • 60 DU's or 180 SU's

Grind this one out. Grip may feel the burn so make sure you pace yourself accordingly. 

- Team 782