Monday, September 12, 2016

Here we go. 

Getting into our strength cycle this week. On Tuesday we will hit our first day of percentage lifting. If you were here at this time last year you will recognize what we are doing because it is the exact same rep scheme. Simple is effective. Come in and train and you will see results. We will be hitting certain lifts on different days this year and adding a bunch more accessory work after the big lifts are done. 

We will use Monday as our final pure test day if you missed out on anything. Tuesday we hit our strict presses and Wednesday our back squats. 

Here is what your percentages will look like from the numbers we test last week. 

Week 1                            Week 2                                     Week 3                             Week 4

75% x 5 reps                   80% x 3 reps                            75% x 5 reps                     40% x 5 reps

80% x 5 reps                   85% x 3 reps                            85% x 3 reps                     50% x 5 reps

85% x 5 or more reps     90% x 3 or more reps              95% x 1 or more reps       60% x 5 reps

First you want to use this site here to calculate your 1RM based on your lifts from last week. For example for the strict press I lifted 145lbs for 4 reps. I would enter this into the calculator on the following link:

Once you have your 1RM calculated, find 90% of that 1RM. My 1RM was 164lbs, so 90% of that is 147.6lbs. From there I will calculate my percentages for my lifts on each day. 

For day one I would lift 110lbs, which is 75%, for 5 reps and then I would live 120lbs, about 80%, for 5 reps and finally I would lift 125lb, 85%, for max effort reps. The numbers are not always going to come out perfect each time, but you want to round up or down as close as possible to a number you can add to the bar each time. 

Here is the document on the Wendler program in full detail:

Now to what we have on tomorrow. 


Make up Test Day - If you missed any of the lifts from last week use the first 20 minutes of class after the warmup to find these numbers. That is for the back squat, deadlift, or strict press. 

We will be breaking the workout into two heats. For those who have all their numbers they will get right into the workout after the warmup and do mobility at the end of class and for those who have a test to do, they will do that test and then the workout. 


3 rounds

  • 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
  • 10 T2B
  • 10 WBS
  • 10 KB Snatches (5 each arm)

Little pieces for the upcoming Suffering workouts this weekend in Moncton. Come watch with all your friends and cheer us on!


  • Couch Stretch x 30secs each leg x 2
  • Banded Hamstring Stretch x 30secs each leg x 2 (hold band around your foot)
  • Child's pose x 30secs x 2

This is for those who do the workout and have their test days already completed. Perfect chance to get a little mobility in before we lift this week. 

- Team 782