Friday, September 2, 2016

Hello folks!

Great first day back to school for me. I'm sure lots of you are getting the kids ready for next week and yourselves ready to get back into routine and into this chillier weather. 

You can still expect some running for us for the next month+ but we will start to transition more into working indoors with our strength bias. 

As well take those mobility drills we are giving you and put them to good work at the end of class or when you have free time. 


WBS - T2B Progressions - KB Snatch - DU's

We'll take 20 minutes after the warmup to go through these 4 movements and how they relate to a workout coming up for us. 

Breathing and hand placement during the WBS, efficiency on your kip during the T2B/Knee tucks, maintaining a stable core and activating your shoulders during the KB Snatches, and finally breathing and pacing during your double unders. 


10min Partner AMRAP - The Suffering WOD #3 - Coming up Saturday, September 17. 

  • 50 WBS
  • 50 DU's or 150 SU's
  • 50 T2B/Knee Tucks/MB Situps
  • 50 DU's or 150 SU's 
  • 50 KB Snatches 
  • 50 DU's

Looking at this workout from an athlete's perspective, you are basically looking at one round and then whatever else from there is just gravy. Go out hard and hang on from there. As it is a partner workout you want to sprint and then rest. You can break up the reps anyway you want to so have a plan with your partner and then execute on this plan in the workout. 

- Team 782