Wednesday, August 31, 2016

G'day, g'day!

Beauty day for all my 782 friends. Hope you all enjoyed those 2 rounds of 22 reps. Great to see that awareness and support for PTSD and our veterans. 

On to something a little different tomorrow, but just as challenging. 


3 rounds for time

  • 500m Run
  • 50 Straight Leg or Butterfly Situps
  • 25cal Row

20min time cap

Skills & Mobility

If we run two heats for this workout, max 10 per heat, some people will work on their skills and mobility before the workout and the other half will work on their skills and mobility after their workout. After a solid 10 minute warmup you will either start the workout or work on these skills or mobility. Some examples for skills to work on are:

  • DU's, Bar MU's, MU's, Strict Pullups, Handstand Walking, GHD Situps, DB/KB Snatches

Find something that really challenges you and work your way through it trying to make some steps to becoming more efficient in your skill of choice. 

Also you want to hit a few pieces of mobility:

  • Couch Stretch x 60secs each leg x 2 each leg
  • Squat Therapy x 15secs x 4
  • Pigeon Stretch x 60secs each leg

You can do this either before or after the workout or a bit of both. 

Just crush the workout. 

- Team 782