Friday, August 26, 2016

Big, big weekend coming up here for 782!

Reminder there will be no teens class on Saturday at 9 as you are all invited to the beach WOD on Sunday at Blooming Point beach at 12 for our second beach workout of the summer. 

On Saturday a ton of our athletes are competing in the Motionball Marathon of Sport for Special Olympics PEI. We will be competing all day with a Special Olympics athlete as our team captain. We are still about $300 away from our goal of raising $1000 for this great cause. If you are able to donate, check out this link here:

That night come check out the wedding dance for our very own Andy Matthews and Jill Scott! Out in Stanley Bridge Resort!


  • 1 Arm KB x 6reps (each arm) x 3 sets
  • 1 Arm OHS x 4reps (each arm) x 3 sets
  • KB/DB Snatch - Technique

We are going to take some time here to build towards the KB/DB Snatch. We'll get there by hitting a few 1 arm KBS and work on some overhead squats with one arm. For the 1 arm KBS we keep the mechanics the same as the regular KBS and work on that core strength. For the OHS we will use light weight and work on technique. 

For the dumbbell and kettlebell snatches we'll work on form leading into the workout. 


Partner Descending Ladder

10 rounds for time - alternate rounds with a partner

  • 8 Kettlebell or Dumbbell Snatches (from the hang)
  • 25 DU's or 75 SU's

If you want to make this even spicier than it is, go unbroken for all your double unders. No second chances either. Go until you get them. Only if you choose though. Choose a weight you can do your 4 reps on your left arm unbroken and then your 4 reps on your right arm unbroken for at least the first round. Go from there. These reps will be from the hang, so you don't need to touch the ground for each rep. 

- Team 782