Thursday, August 25, 2016


Time for a bit more work this week. Some great lifting today. 

Reminder about Yoga Grove starting up August 29th at Charles Sanderson's yoga studio. As a 782 member you have 20% off for the 8 week program. 

We have a solid team coming together for this Saturday with MotionBall for Special Olympics. We have nearly raised $700 in 24 hours and need to raise another $300 to reach our goal.

Check out that link to help us raise funds for this great cause!

Strength & Conditioning

Buy In: 1K Row

3 rounds

  • 20 WBS
  • 20 MB Slams
  • 20 MB Situps

Cash Out: 50 Burpees

A little lung burner for the day. Grab a med ball and go. Make this one hurt! And then grind through it!

- Team 782