Yoga Grove

Hello there!

Here is a message from our very own yoga instructor, Charles Sanderson:

Taking registrations for a fall term at YogaGrove!

The 8 week program runs August 29th - October 23rd. To register for 1 class / week is $80, 2 classes / week is $140, or 3 classes / week for $190.

Classes are Monday and Wednesday at 5:45pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm. 

Members of CrossFit 782 will be given a 20% discount on the course fees for the full session.

Drop in classes are 12 dollars.

To register please email

An orientation session will run 30 minutes before class on the first Monday and Tuesday class of the term.

Over the course of the 8 weeks students/athletes will be given a safe and gradual progression through a series of standing, seated, and inverted postures. The full program is designed to increase body awareness and improve athletic positioning. The hips and shoulders will be mobilized through various movements in both flexed and extended positions leading to freedom of movement in the spine and increased strength in the lower abdominal region.

- Team 782