Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

Time for another amazing day at 782!

Excited for tomorrow's workout for sure. Been playing around with the format for it for a while now and think I have got it right on for you all tomorrow. We'll see how it all goes, but super excited. 

Strength & Conditioning

5 rounds - each round for time - Rest as much as needed between rounds

  • 2 Tire Flips (solo or with a partner) or 10 Plate G2OH
  • 50m Sled Pull
  • 50m Farmers' Carry
  • 10 Burpees
  • 250m Run

We'll run this whole thing outdoors if possible. The first athlete will begin with a tire flip (with a partner if needed) and then grab their sled for a 50m sled pull. Upon completing this distance they will drop their rope and grab on to their weight for the farmers' carry and continue with a 50m walk. Once this is finished they will drop down and crush out 10 burpees before finishing the round with a 250m run around our track. Once finished you want to rest as much as needed so you can push yourself on the second run. You don't want to be sandbagging the run to try and pace yourself for the next round. 

We will run it so that as soon as the tire is flipped the sleds are pulled the next athlete can start on their obstacle course of sorts. 

Crush this workout tomorrow. 

- Team 782