Sunday, August 14, 2016

it's Old Home Week! 

Must mean summer is coming to an end! Don't sweat. We still have lots of fun left at 782!

Had a great day with JackO and some of the crew from the gym out in the country. Great fundraiser for a great family from our community. 


Core Obstacle Course Race - 9min AMRAP

  • 3 Shoot Throughs
  • 6 V-Snaps
  • 9 MB Situps (each side)
  • 12 American KBS

9 minutes rotating through the 4 stations we will have set up. You can have 4 members on your team and rotate through each station during the 9 minutes. You don't necessarily need or want a super fast pace, but you want to move with quality. 


4 rounds

  • 7 T2B/Knee Tucks/MB Situps
  • 14 Box Jump Overs

A little conditioning added to your core. 

- Team 782