Friday, June 8, 2016

Fire it up here for Fridays at 782!

Going to be doing some open gym from 10-12 before the 12 class tomorrow and then we have a couple of people starting fundamentals at 1 right after class if you have anyone that wants to join. 

(I'm also getting a haircut tomorrow in case you were wondering.) Haaaaaaaaaaaa

Weekend coming up and schedule is the same as usual. Sundays are still more of an open gym format after our regular class at 10. Having a lot of success with that people testing out WODs they want and people prepping for comps. 


Pullups - Dips - Bar Muscle Ups

We'l take some time to get you ready for a great little workout with some high skilled gymnastics work. After a warmup for your shoulders and core we'll break off into small groups to work on the following. 

Got Strict Pullups:

  • Bar Muscle Up Practice - 2reps x 3sets maximum - save volume for workout. 
  • Mobility

Want Strict Pullups

  • Strict Ring (or Box) Dips x 4reps x 3sets
  • Strict Pullups x 4reps x 3sets

Again not a ton of volume, but some great work to improve that upper body strength and endurance that is so hard to come by. 


'Like Clockwork' 

10 rounds for time - alternating rounds with a partner (5 rounds each)

  • 2 Bar Muscle Ups or 6 Ring/Box Dips
  • 6 Deadlifts (275/185lbs) (205/135lbs) (155/105lbs)
  • 10 Box Jump Overs

Some solid lifting today and now to get some technical done followed by some gritty lifting and box jumps. After we finish our gymnastics work we'll dive right into building up our deads. 

- Team 782