Sunday, July 31, 2016

The last day of July!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! 

O where has the summer gone!

O well, bring on August and all the fun that it brings!


DU Practice

Towards the end of the warmup we'll work into our double unders and skipping in general and give you some time to work on your skills with the rope. We want you to take this time to efficiently practice this (sometimes frustrating) skill. 

Handstand Holds & Handstand Walking

We'll also take some time to work on some handstand positioning before we dive into the workout. Lots about efficiency and positioning. 


3min AMRAP x 5 - rest 1 min b/w AMRAPs

  • 3 HSPU
  • 9 MB Situps
  • 18 UB DU's or 60 UB SU's

Go hard, stay efficient and move smoothly between those exercises as you transition. 

- Team 782