Monday, July 4, 2016

And now back to your regular viewing!


What a phenomenal weekend... There are so many people to thank for my amazing birthday celebrations at the gym and out in the country. I can't put it all into words, but when I see you next I'll try to explain as best as possible what that whole surprise meant to me. One of the best days I can remember in forever. 

Great group of golfers today. Few drinks, lots of laughs, and a couple of good shots thrown in there as well. 

Reminder that we have a nutritional seminar by two registered dieticians this Wednesday evening at 645pm. Great place to start your healthy eating plans!

Back at it this week with our regular programming. Core, muscular endurance, mobility, awkward movements, outdoor movements. That is the focus until we hit our strength cycle at the end of the summer. 


Strict Handstand & Pullup Work

We'll talk form and demonstrate what we want to see to conclude the warmup and then get after some tough movements to put you to work. 

5 rounds NOT FOR TIME

  • 2 strict HSPU
  • 3 strict Pullups
  • 150m Run

We'll take our time moving through these high skill/strength gymnastic movements with a bit of structure and a jog set in there to keep your heart rate up. Move at a progression that will challenge you. You want to be unbroken in the movements, but the real goal is find some solid form and push yourself to be better with each rep. 


  • 25cal Row
  • 20 C2B or Pullups or Ring Rows
  • 15 HSPU

In the first part we hit a ton of strict work, but not a ton of volume. Now that your muscles are starting to feel taxed we want to test them under a bit of fatigue with this sprint chipper. Find a scale again that works for you and hit the rower hard before moving EFFICIENTLY through these two movements. By efficient I mean use your hips as they drive your power. 

There will be open gym tomorrow from 10am to 12. 

- Team 782