Wednesday, July 27, 2016

'I am always happy, but I'm never satisfied.'

Said by Kara Webb after winning the Spirit of the Games award. Nothing could be more true for how I live my life. Live in the moment and be happy, but always strive to be better at whatever it is that you choose to do. Work, Family, Relationships, CrossFit, Life. 

Can't wait to get back in there tomorrow with you all. 

Strength & Conditioning

After two very different tough days of CrossFit we are throwing you a curveball. We have 3 parts to your workout and you may complete them in any order within a given time frame. We'll do a general warmup together and we'll go over how to attack each part. 

Part A: 10 mins to complete the following

  • 1k Row for time

Straight up hard work. Get on that machine and push yourself to the max. PR yourself if you are feeling up for it today. 

Part B: 10 minutes to complete the following

1 round for time

  • 800m Run
  • 40 T2B/Knee Tucks/MB Situps

Get a solid time on the run and then come in and get to work on the bar. 

Part C: 10 minutes to complete the following

3 rounds for time

  • 20 Box Jump Overs
  • 20 American KBS

Just giv'er. 

So the way this works is after our warmup we'll get you in 3 groups. Group 1 will start with Part A and group 2 with Part B and group 3 with Part C. You will have 10 minutes to complete the work within your segment. Whatever time you have left when you finish your work you can rest and get ready for the next segment. Nothing overly technical so just put in the work. Scale as needed to get the work done. 

- Team 782