Thursday, July 21, 2016

Time to do a little more training today!

Love all the work you put in on your squats today and can't wait to see how you all do with a little gymnastics tomorrow. 


Strict Pullups x 3reps x 3sets

Banded/Weight/Partner/C2B/Whatever variation you have, do them here to get ready for the workout.

Strict Handstand Pushups x 3reps x 3sets

Same here. Work on your strict HSPU's with a partner as a spot or solo and challenge yourself with this movement. 

Not a ton of volume here, but enough so that we'll fatigue you a bit before the workout and lay that foundation for our more dynamic movements. 


10 rounds for time

  • 4 HSPU or Pushups
  • 6 Pullups or Ring Rows
  • 150m Run

Lots of work to do here on our gymnastics skills so again don't wear yourself out in the first part, but use that has a foundation for this part of the workout. Pullups do not need to be C2B as we want you to be able to do 6 consistently for these 10 rounds. 

- Team 782