Wednesday, July 20. 2016

Big day out there today in the box. Whatever we throw at you, you just come in and crush it out of the park. 

Have been sent a few good quotes since I put it out there to send us what inspires you to get into the gym day in and day out. What we do in here is fun; in a CrossFit fun sort of way. But to be honest it is extremely hard work. You are all inspirational to me when I see you coming in day after day and pushing your body through these movements and workouts. Like Luke Hansen said, real strength is earned and learned. That means be proud of what you do and be proud each day you come in. Be proud of your body and the work you put into it and the work you put in to get mentally stronger each and everyday. Colette Gallant wanted to share that one with you. 

You guys are all awesome and don't ever forget that. 

Strength - Pure Strength

15 mins to work up to a heavy 5 rep OHS 

15 mins to work up to a heavy 5 rep Back Squat

After today's big conditioning work that left you all laying flat on the floor, myself definitely included, we have some strength work for you to get after. The day will be broken up into 4 - 15 minute segments. The first 15 minutes to warmup and the second 15 minutes to get after your overhead squats. The third segment will be for you to lift heavy and get after those back squats and the final segment I'll touch on in a bit. If you love overhead squats like I do, hit them hard. If it's something you aren't comfortable with yet work on getting your reps in and work on mobility. For the back squats, just hit them hard and make sure you get spotters as needed. 

For the final 15 minute segment I want you to work on a skill. If you want to get pullups, do some strict banded pullup work for 5 sets of 3 reps and then some deep ring rows. If you want to work on your snatches, get a barbell and hit a few reps. If you want to get some conditioning in if you missed something from earlier in the week, hit that hard. Do not go soft on your squatting though to save yourself for these skills. Hit the squats hard and get yourself as strong as an ox. 

- Team 782