Canada Day WOD

Just a reminder that we have our workout for Canada Day tomorrow at 10am!

We have a special treat for you tomorrow so come ready to go!

Here is the background information for the workout so you know why we are doing it in the first place.

The reason we are doing this tomorrow is that in Korea I have done this workout twice between my birthday and my friend's birthday July 1st and July 7th. The numbers matched the month and we wanted something challenging that we could be proud of completing. I don't often program hero workouts because they do push your body to the limit, but when we do them, we are doing them for a bigger reason. To remember those who have fallen in the line of duty. 

Strength & Conditioning

The Seven

7 rounds

  • 7 HSPU
  • 7 Thrusters (135/95lbs) (115/75lbs) (95/65lbs)
  • 7 K2E or Knee Tucks or MB Situps
  • 7 Deadlifts (245/170lbs) (205/135lbs) (135/95lbs)
  • 7 Burpees
  • 7 KBS (30kg/24kg) (24kg/16kg) (16kg/8kg)
  • 7 Pullups or Ring Rows

We will set the gym up with the bar open for your K2E/Knee Tucks/Pullups/Ring Rows. The KBS will be done facing the mirror and the burpees and deadlifts will be done on the middle of the floor. The platforms will be left open for the thrusters and the wall will be left open for the handstand pushups. 

You will definitely be able to share weight and space with a partner or two as this is a slow moving workout. Trust me, you will want to walk from movement to movement. Mike will be running you through a special warmup and then we'll be taking the rest of the warmup to set up your equipment and move through the movements yourself before hitting the workout. 

I'm really excited for this workout as I have done it twice before in Korea, once before I really knew what CrossFit was and once when I was right in the middle of my CrossFit career. 

There will be a 40min time cap on this workout.

Can't wait to celebrate with your tomorrow and stand tall at the end of this workout. 

- Team 782