Thursday, June 16, 2016

Big power complex today from the crew!

People throwing around weight all day! Pullups and ring rows looked fantastic as well.

Love the work people are putting in and the goals they are setting for themselves. 

Here is an update for our running club. 

It’s official:  our first clinic meeting will be Mon 20 Jun, 6pm, at the Charlottetown Running Room.  If Mondaymeetings do not work for everybody, we’ll try to find a better fit for the rest of the clinic.

We’ll start with a few words about the clinic program, and then Brittany (store manager) will talk about the various shoe types that are available, and how to choose the correct shoe for you.  She’ll also touch on clothing for runners.  Following our talk, we’ll head out for our first jog, to get the kinks out.

When we return, I encourage everyone to ask for an individual assessment from Brittany or Charlotte (assistant store manager) to determine whether you’re in the right shoe now, and whether you should purchase new shoes.  A proper shoe-sock system is crucial for injury-free running (my primary goal of this clinic), and you absolutely need different shoes for running vs CrossFit. 

From 6pm to 8pm, Mon 20 Jun, there will be a special discount for all CrossFit782 members at the Charlottetown Running Room: 10% off electronics, and 25% off pretty much everything else in the store. 

Throughout our clinic, please visit to keep up-to-date.  That’s where I’ll post scheduling info, along with any other announcements.  Six CrossFitters have signed up so far, and at least three have said “soon,” but there’s still room for more.  A dozen or so would be a good group dynamic.  Encourage your friends to join in time for our first meeting and educational session about shoes – arguably the most important presentation of our clinic!  Please wear a CrossFit shirt if you can.

Forward this email to any other member of CrossFit782 whom you think might enjoy being a part of this fun group!

Safe running, Allan

To set up the workout for tomorrow I want to talk about the work we have done all week. On Monday we hit a short lung burner. Nothing too taxing on our muscular endurance systems, but something to start off the week. Also some pure strength work with our back squats. On Tuesday we hit our anaerobic systems, rowing for what seemed like forever. We never quite got out of breathe, but the legs and the body burned with lactic acid. Today was all about power. Creating power with your hips and building that daunting muscular endurance capacity with short powerful sets. Tomorrow is all about your lungs. 

Strength & Conditioning

3 rounds for time

  • 100 DU's or 300 SU's
  • 50 Straight Leg Situps
  • 25 Burpee Box Jump Overs

And collapse. Pace right from the get go for best results. I'd maybe hit a good set of DU's or SU's off the get go, but if you break by hitting your rope take a moment to compose yourself before hitting them again. Move steady through the situps and mentally break up the burpees into small sets in your head. 

- Team 782