Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tough, tough workout today and you all crushed it!

Really looking forward to the workout tomorrow and seeing what you can do. 

Want to give a shoutout to a local business I have been buying from recently and absolutely loving it... http://thetntfoodexperience.com/index.html

I have been order meals from here for the past couple of weeks and having them delivered to the gym. They have been fantastic. Being busy and wanting to still eat healthy this really works for me. Give it a try!


Row, row, row your boat. 


500m row x 4 - rest 5 minutes between each row. 

Sweet and simple. Well maybe not simple. Just like we hit those snatches hard as a stand alone movement, it's time to hit a few rowing intervals to see how far you can go into the pain cave. Can't wait for this one. 

- Team 782