Friday, May 27, 2016


Find your friend and get in here to train. Can't wait for it. 

Little cardio today for you all. Not to mention that you crushed every piece of it. Time to go again on Friday, but with a little different look for the workout. 


Power Clean & Push Jerk Technique Review

Pullup & Ring Rows - Kipping & Strict 

Time to go. We'll make sure you work on each and every rep to solidify that form for both movements prior to the workout. 


Partner Clean & Jerk Ladder - with a Pullup Cash-In

  • 10 P. Clean & Jerks 
  • 8 P. Clean & Jerks
  • 6 P. Clean & Jerks
  • 4 P. Clean & Jerks
  • 2 P. Clean & Jerks

*10 Pullups or Ring Rows before each set of clean and jerks. 

Partner A does 10 pullups/rings and then their set of clean and jerks. After that partner B does their set of pullups/ring rows and their set of ring rows. You continue to alternate back and forth between you and your partner until you both finish the ladder. The goal is to increase your weight for each set. For example I may start and 135 for 10, 165 for 8, 185 for 6, 205 for 4, and 225 for 2. The reps do not have to be unbroken as you are looking to hit each rep with solid form. If you want to start fully cleaning and split jerk the reps near the end that is fantastic. 

- Team 782